Michael C. Kim & Associates

Attorneys at Law

Michael C. Kim & Associates is committed to providing timely, responsive, cost-effective service to our clients.  Our relationship with our clients is based on mutual respect, trust and cooperation.  Our legal advice is supplemented by useful, practical advice based on years of experience.

Our clientele is comprised primarily of professionally managed condominium, homeowner and co-operative associations, certain select lenders and developers, and other qualified real estate and construction related entities. We handle both litigation and transactional matters.  Please note that our attorneys are licensed to practice law only in the State of Illinois and its courts, and thus do not render advice as to the laws of any other state.

We have decades of experience coupled with creative “outside the box” approaches. Our clients benefit from the Firm’s advantages as a highly personalized “boutique” firm. The type and number of our clients are deliberately limited to ensure personalized attention.

We value long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients who can always rely upon us for candid top quality advice.

We are definitely not interested in clients who are fickle, irresponsible or not well-intentioned.

We believe in work/life balance and diversity in our staff and our clientele.

We work with a wide variety of management companies.  We are not tied to any particular management company.  We do not have any one management company controlling a significant portion of our portfolio.

Our mission is simple and direct: To work in partnership with our clients to achieve optimal resolution of the legal challenges confronting them. Our fundamental operating principles are to focus on the client’s needs and objectives, and to assist the client in realizing them in an efficient, legally sound, and practical manner. We believe that legal advice must be paired with common sense; legal issues are always framed by the political and social realities of the circumstances.


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